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Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions are answered here. The questions are grouped into various sections given below. Click the question to view the answer.

General Questions

What is PCCRM?

PCCRM is Professional Certification in Clinical Research and Management.

Please provide information regarding your PCCRM course?

The PCCRM course runs for a duration of 24 weeks. The course provides valuable insight into Clinical Research, Good Clinical Practice, Regulations in India, US and Europe and Organizational skills relevant to Clinical Research Industry. You will also have to log onto our online Threaded Discussions (mandatory). This is our virtual classroom where all the students meet to discuss a particular topic.

How do I sign up for the free course?

Enter the website and enter your details in the fields given and subscribe for the course. Check your e-mail inbox and activate your course. You will receive the course over the next 6 days.

Why have you priced your course so low?

Please don’t relate the affordable course fee for any compromise in the quality of education. In fact we set standards and specialize in delivering highly effective knowledge transfer. The reasons for the low fee as of now is:


  • The management is richly experienced in the field of clinical research. Hence we need not rent out expertise from else where.
  • We develop our own patent pending systems for knowledge delivery, marketing and placements.
  • We have an internal team to develop the health/medical content with access to an excellent network of subject matter experts (SMEs) (many of whom suggest/advice as honararies). All our SMEs are professionals with experience and work in their particular domains as of today.
  • We have many more processes which cut unnecessary costs. We only invest on quality of the SME, efficiency in training delivery and best possible exposure of our students to the employers.
  • We strongly believe in our training to be affordable to all deserving candidates.

Please read our vision statement

Is the initial 6 part course you are sending really free?

Yes, the 6 part online course is free. It is an orientation program that will prepare your mindset towards clinical research before you take up the full CCRP certification program.

Do I receive a certificate on completion of the 6 part free course?

No. The PCCRM foundation free course is to briefly educate you on Clinical Research – so that you can take a informed decision. The 6 month PCCRM complete course will upgrade your skills/knowledge and certify you at the end of the program.

I am working in a CRO/Pharma company, would your course be worth taking?

Yes, the course will give you a complete detailed process of the clinical trials and a in depth knowledge of GCPs, regulations and guidelines of different countries which you can use in your present work.

I am a post graduate, how will your course benefit me?

We have a lot of life science post graduates who are opting for our training in clinical research. Through our assessment and course work, we take all the students through the entire process involved in the clinical research industry and thus make them industry confident. This is the basic requirement of the clinical research industry.

The industry is interested in recruiting students who have the basic knowledge about the Clinical Research Industry.

We cater to industry’s needs by providing pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations with candidates who not only possess the right knowledge but also who have had the industry specific training through our program. e.g. Data Management, Clinical operations, etc.

I want to reimburse the training fee from my company? How do I do that?

We will provide the company with an acknowledgement that you have taken our PCCRM course

I am about to take up my final year graduation examination. Am I eligible?

Yes. You can enroll now and start off the course after your examination.

I’m doing internship(house surgeon). Can I take up the course?

Absolutely. This is a good time to add a research qualification to your profile which opens doors for clinical research opportunities.

I am planning for transition from medical transcription/ health insurance industry to clinical research. How to go about?

You can enroll to program and continue with your present work. Your experience will have a little weight age based on different clinical research position. As you progress through course you’ll get offers from clinical research – select the best which suits you and you can make a smooth transition.

How much time should I dedicate to complete the PCCRM course successfully?

We suggest a minimum of nine hours per week. Our learning system will help you in maintaining consistency in the study hour. Over that we have made every effort to make learning engaging and interesting.

Will the course material be paper based or electronic?

A set of printed course work books will be mailed to you. However you will have access to electronic content also. Read conveniently in the printed work books. Participate in your online activities by logging into the LLMS provided to you.

Registration Process

When can I join the PCCRM program?

You can start the program at the click of the mouse, any time and anywhere. All you got to do is to send the required documents for you to get registered for your 24-week course straightaway.

How soon will I get my course material?

You will receive the course materials within 7 days if you are residing in India. For international students there will be no physical product. However the access to LLMS and the support starts off immediately- as soon as we process your application.

Do I have to send the application form online or through post?

You will have to fill up the application form online or you can also send it through post if you are paying the course investment through DD or cheque.

What are the modes of payment?

You can pay the course investment in 3 modes: Click here to go to Admissions

Course Process

What is LLMS? How to use it?

LLMS is Leads Learning Management System. LLMS helps you to proceed smoothly with the course. You can complete the activities of the course and also monitor your own progress in the course through the LLMS. LLMS is easy to use and easily navigable.

I'm not exposed to technology. Can I participate in online discussions/ take up assessments?

If you know how to use an e-mail, then you can easily do the PCCRM course. It is that simple. Apart from this, we will support you to do the course successfully. You can even call us to get things going. In fact we had students who didn’t have an email when they started and have done the course commandingly.

How will the trainer help me?

The trainer is just an e-mail away. Any queries regarding the course can be asked to the trainer through e-mail or calls. The trainer is committed to help you in all possible ways till you successfully complete the course.

Do I have to come to Bangalore for writing the exam?

Not necessary. All your assessments/exams will be online. All you have to do is to login to our LLMS and take up the test. It’s easier than what you imagine.

Do I need special skills to participate online?

To participate in the discussions all you need is knowledge of the subject, a fundamental knowledge in computer and a moderate knowledge of English.

How will you help in building my resume?

We will help you build a resume that is tailored to the industry.

I'm moving outstation. Can I continue the course after a break?

Yes, you can take up the course at your own pace, but don’t give too large a time gap.

Do I get real time experience of a trial?

No clinical research training can give you real time experience as clinical trials are to be conducted in secrecy and they are not to be brought in public domain until they are over. Also the identity of the patients cannot be disclosed.

How long can I take to complete the course?

You have 2 years time to complete the course. If you find yourself unable to complete the course in that time please contact us and we will discuss alternative arrangements with you.

“The training was fabulous. It was a great learning experience.”

Dr.Prashanth BDS, MHIM
(Licensed UK Dentist)

How to Join PCCRM Course

    1. Download the Free Prospectus & Application


  1. Send us the filled Application Form with the Course Investment
  2. We will acknowledge and process your application immediately. You will be active in the PCCW within 7 working days.

We fully support till you successfully complete.

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“A very informative course which not only enabled me with the essential skills of clinical research but also helped me choose the vertical which suits me best in the clinical research industry.”

Dr. Suhas, CRA

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