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Why Clinical Research Training Course

Why, Leads Academy Clinical Research Training

  • The training imparted is industry specific.
  • The courses are instructionally designed by industry experts.
  • Fast track learning programs.
  • Focus on professional development including career skills.
  • LSH understands the student, thereby develops simple yet effective programs.
  • Affordable.

Why PCCRM Course?

  • 24 weeks of robust training and assessment
  • Blended learning program – Best in the industry.
  • The course is designed as per the industry requirements
  • Learn from the experienced industry practitioners.
  • Student can apply the knowledge gained in the course in the industry.
  • A valuable course as the student can self measure the progress and he/she will receive continuous support even after the course is completed.
  • The training is student centric and innovative and enjoyable experience.
  • Interactive online learning with self measuring tools. The customized Leads Learning Management System (LLMS) will help the student track his/her progress in the course.
  • Equips you with industry relevant soft skills
  • Continuous updation on the latest happenings in clinical research even after the completion of the course
  • Good placement assistance
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“The training was fabulous. It was a great learning experience.”

Dr.Prashanth BDS, MHIM
(Licensed UK Dentist)

How to Join PCCRM Course

  1. Download the Free Prospectus & Application

  3. Send us the filled Application Form with the Course Investment
  4. We will acknowledge and process your application immediately. You will be active in the PCCRM within 7 working days.

We fully support till you successfully complete.

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“A very informative course which not only enabled me with the essential skills of clinical research but also helped me choose the vertical which suits me best in the clinical research industry.”

Dr. Suhas, CRA

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